Feb 24, 2021
Announcing the ‘Women Leading in Times of Crisis’ Virtual Learning Program

We are excited to announce our new cutting-edge virtual learning program focusing on women and leadership.

As the world continues to experience severe disruptions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, effective leadership is not only essential but urgent. From navigating economic uncertainty to food insecurity to assuring the health and well-being of those you lead, strengthening the skills of crisis leadership is imperative to success.

The ‘AWARD Women Leading in Times of Crisis course will offer skills and knowledge to capacitate women leaders worldwide to meet the unique demands of leading amid a global crisis and not only survive but thrive.
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Participants will get a deeper understanding of:

  • Effective leadership styles and behaviors best suited for crises
  • How to strengthen team cohesion and support the wellbeing of colleagues and peers in a virtual workspace
  • Reframing a growth mindset to lead the crisis as positively and productively as possible.
  • How to build their expertise to adapt to exceptional circumstances and build their resilience

Why Women and Leadership?

It is a global phenomenon that women continue to face several barriers, including the ‘glass ceiling’ that hinder their progress into leadership positions or stifle their growth as leaders. The underrepresentation of women in leadership roles ultimately affects sustainable development and the achievement of global sustainable development goals. To ensure women’s effective leadership, women must access learning opportunities to gain skills to equip them to lead effectively. There is a global acknowledgment of the need for targeted investment in capacity-building programs to enhance women’s leadership skills.

We encourage women in leadership roles, including directors, deputy directors, project managers, and department heads, to apply. This course may be of interest to alumni of the AWARD Women’s Leadership and Management Course (WLMC).

Download the Women Leading in Times of Crisis Flyer

Delivery of the course and participation

 The course is offered over a period of three weeks and the participants get unlimited access to the AWARD online training platform, up to seven live training sessions via Zoom, individual coaching sessions upon request, group and individual exercises, reading materials, and networking opportunities.

A team of internationally experienced trainers, including AWARD Trainers and our long-term partner, Training Resources Group, Inc. (TRG), deliver this interactive course.

Participants become part of a learning community and are required to attend all the live sessions, expected to be present, prepared, and actively participate in the sessions.

To register, send an email to awardtraining[at]cgiar.org and visit www.awardfellowships.org to learn more about AWARD Training






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