Our fellowships initiative invests in building the science, leadership, and mentoring skills of high potential agricultural scientists. Since 2008, AWARD has, through individually tailored fellowships, worked to strengthen the research and leadership skills of African women in agricultural science, empowering them to contribute more effectively to alleviating poverty and increasing food security in sub-Saharan Africa.


The Flagship AWARD Fellowship

The Flagship AWARD Fellowship is a career development program that invests in leading women agricultural scientists to ensure a growing cohort of capable, confident, and influential women scientists available to lead critical advances and innovations for the agricultural sector.

Through the Flagship AWARD Fellowship, AWARD is cultivating a growing pool of women to be  (a) effective within agriculturalresearch institutions; (b) effective across a range of research disciplines serving the agricultural sector; (c) responsive to gender issues in the service of women, without excluding men; and (d) technically competent to generate innovations needed by rural smallholders, most of whom are women.

The One Planet Fellowship

The One Planet Fellowship (OPF) seeks to build a vibrant, highly connected, and intergenerational network of African and European scientist leaders equipped to lead next generation research in climate adaptation.

It is a 3-year career-development initiative that will enhance the capacity of high potential agricultural researchers focused on climate change adaptation by building their leadership, mentoring, scientific and networking skills.

OPF will build climate scientists’ skill in deploying a gender lens to analyze the potential of their research to bridge the gender gap especially when it comes to access to new technology.

Gender Responsive Agriculture Systems Policy (GRASP) Fellowship

The Gender Responsive Agriculture Systems Policy (GRASP) Fellowship is a career development program that targets mid-career African women in the policy field to catalyze the design and implementation of gender-responsive agricultural policies across Africa.