What is AWARD? Why AWARD? Meet the AWARD Fellows
Nyambo_Devotha_Godfrey_and_Kimanya_Martin_Epafras Dr_Chipungahelo_Pazi_and_his_wife_Amina_Ali Delphina_Peter_Mamiro_training_women_on_mushroom_production wanjiru-ruforum

AWARD Fellow Devotha Godfrey Nyambo and her AWARD Mentor Dr. Martin Epafras Kimanya. Nyamba, a student at the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology, is developing an information system to help livestock farmers improve livestock productivity. Read more

AWARD Fellow Dr. Grace Chipungahelo (centre), Head of Agronomy with the Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute, discusses maize production with Tanzanian farmers Amina, and her husband, Ali.

“Mushrooms have no cholesterol and are full of nutrients and vitamins,” says AWARD Fellow Delphina Peter Mamiro (centre), shown here training local farmers in mushroom production.  “In just 28 days, women can have a crop of oyster mushrooms from which they can make a popular relish.” Read more

AWARD Director Dr. Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg will speak at the 4th RUFORUM Biennial Conference in Maputo, Mozambique this week. Read more