Women’s Participation

African women play a critical role across Africa’s agricultural value chains yet only one in four agricultural researchers is female (AWARD/ASTI 2009). Available data indicate that women in many African countries enroll in agricultural science as students but upon entering the workforce, face discouraging workplace dynamics.

Improving Outcomes

An essential step toward improving outcomes for Africa’s smallholder farmers includes strengthening the voice of its women, on the farm, in the laboratories, in markets, and in policy forums. As part of the solution, it is critical to support the careers of African women agricultural researchers

Cultivating Solutions

AWARD is cultivating a growing pool of African women to be (a) effective within ARD institutions supporting the agricultural value chain; (b) effective across a range of research disciplines serving the sector; (c) responsive to gender issues in the service of women, without excluding men

African Institutions Engaged
African Scientists Empowered
Researchers Trained


Call for Application

AWARD is proud to announce that Gender in Agribusiness Investments in Africa (GAIA) is now accepting applications from institutions and enterprises for the 2016 GAIA AgriTech Innovation Challenge.  GAIA has been launched by AWARD to increase agribusiness investments in technological and business model innovations that benefit African women value chain actors. 

Call for Innovations

Do you have a big idea that has been piloted successfully in East Africa that focuses on:

  • Closing yield gaps in crop and livestock value chains?
  • Reducing postharvest losses?
  • Improving agri-market efficiencies?

To apply, please complete this application form; for any enquiries, please contact: AWARDGAIA@cgiar.org. Submissions will be evaluated on a rolling basis until 28th October 2016. Early submissions are encouraged, and winners will be notified on 31stOctober 2016.

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