Webinar Invitation: Leading in Times of Crisis: Strategies for regaining momentum to thrive in complexity

Our world is becoming more complex than ever. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, effective leadership has never been more critical. From navigating economic uncertainty to food security to assuring the health and wellbeing of those we lead, strengthening the skills for crisis leadership is imperative. Leaders are grappling with complexities affecting business processes and goals. How can organizations gain clarity in a complex world with competing priorities? How can we build our teams to regain momentum and thrive in the complexities?

Join us on our second webinar series where we shall discuss strategies for navigating complexities organizations face due to the pandemic and many other factors.

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The speakers will include:

  1. Wale Akinyemi, Leadership Consultant, United Nations
  2. Professor Hortense Atta Diallo, Vice-President, Planning, Programming, and External Relations, University Nangui (UNA)
  3. Benjamin Kamoye, CEO, Bitesize Learning Ltd.
  4. Kathryn Toure, Regional Director, Office for sub-Saharan Africa, Canadian International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
  5. Pamela Yoga-Yieke, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach and Management Consultant

Join us on July 28, 2020, from 12.00 to 13.15 EAT for an insightful discussion. See the time in your time zone

Participation is free, but participants must register here to take part in the discussion.