Revamping and Redesigning the AWARD Website: Request for Proposals

African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) is seeking a consultant with whom they will work to revamp the AWARD website with provision for bilingual capability and migrate it to a different CMS (specifically WordPress). This project seeks to introduce new features to the website, to surface information in more insightful and user-friendly ways, and achieve a more user-friendly secure website with anticipated future functionalities. The new website design should accentuate not only usability but also provide an appealing web presence for AWARD.

A detailed request for proposals (RFP) is available here.

All interested applicants should submit their applications, stating the assignment with the following documents to the focal points listed below on or before November 25, 2019:

  1. Company profile
  2. Qualifications, competence, and roles of the key staff for the assignment
  3. Technical proposal
  4. A financial proposal in USD
  5. Implementation plan with budget
  6. Three (3) letters of recommendation from recent similar assignments
  7. Thee (3) samples of recent, similar projects completed
  8. A copy of the company registration certificate, trade license or business permit

Download the detailed request for proposals.