“We are tremendously proud to be a Gates Foundation partner,” said Wilde. “The Foundation’s practical commitment to African women at every point along the value chain—from the lab to the field to the market—is changing the face agriculture across the continent.”

During the forum, Wilde and Nabwami were featured speakers in a panel discussion on the role of women farmers and agri-entrepreneurs, chaired by Dr. Margaret Kroma, AGRA’s Gender Officer. Wilde highlighted AWARD’s work in equipping African women agricultural researchers for leadership roles in the ARD sector by strengthening their science skills and leadership capacity.

“We are seeing more confident, motivated, and productive women, who are making measurable contributions in their fields,” said Wilde, reporting on recent data from AWARD’s 180 alumnae, who are working on 137 different technologies and products.

  • At least 57% refocused their research to be more gender responsive or more relevant to the needs of women farmers (indicative of sharpened focus and relevance)
  • 1 in 2 increased their average annual publication rate in peer reviewed journals (indicative of recognition and visibility)
  • 52% were promoted (indicative of growing influence)