Baseline Study on the state of gender responsiveness in African research institutions

AWARD seeks to catalyse transformative change in African agricultural research by supporting African research institutions and scientists to conduct gender responsive agricultural research.

Led by the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) as executing partner, AWARD is conducting a baseline study that will review the state of practice regarding gender responsive agricultural research and development (GRARD), develop metrics for measuring dimensions of GRARD, establish baseline values a stakeholder mapping and situational analysis for AWARD’s programing.

More specifically the study seeks to:

  • Review various definitions and models/frameworks around gender responsiveness in ARD (both about internal staffing equity and research practice) and develop AWARD’s operational definition and framework that outlines key components, variables, questions and checklists for what is entailed in GRARD within a range of value chains.
  • Develop, test and apply tools for assessing gender staff equity as well as integration of gender in agricultural research and development.
  • Establish the state of GRARD practice in Africa.
  • Document baselines for AWARD’s work on GRARD and within targeted institutions.
  • Identify all primary and secondary stakeholders (policymakers, researchers, and scientists) who have been qualified and have vested interest in gender responsive agricultural research
  • Build a pool of gender experts who will provide GRARD technical support to ARD institutions.