Angela Parry-Hanson

Ghana, 2015

Angela Parry-Hanson was raised in Accra by strict parents who provided a good social and spiritual support system for their four children. She now appreciates this support, as it has seen her through her studies—from undergraduate to PhD—outside of Ghana. Parry-Hanson switched from Cell Biotechnology, which she studied for her BSc at the University of Alberta in Canada, to Food Science for her MSc and PhD, both of which she undertook at the University of Pretoria. “I took a course in food microbiology as an undergraduate, which made me so scared to eat,” she exclaims. This experience had a huge impact on her, and she decided to switch to food science for her postgraduate research. “I’d always planned to work in Africa, and food safety issues are big here, although most can be solved by simple technologies and policies,” she says.

Research Area

Improvement of food quality through development of safe products for the food industry in Ghana.

Fellow's Details

  • University of Ghana
  • PhD
  • Lecturer
  • Food science and nutrition

Mentor Details

  • Kwaku Tano-Debrah
  • Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Science
  • University of Ghana