Who we are

AWARD is a career-development program that since 2008 has, through tailored fellowships, equipped top women agricultural scientists across sub-Saharan Africa to accelerate agricultural gains by strengthening their science and leadership skills.

What we do

We are cultivating a growing pool of African women to be effective within ARD institutions, responsive to gender issues in the service of women, without excluding men and technically competent to generate innovations needed by rural smallholders, most of whom are women.


Our vision is to be a robust, resilient, and gender responsive agricultural innovation system working to drive prosperity and food and nutrition security for Africa.


Our mission is investing in African women scientists and institutions to deliver innovative, sustainable, gender-responsive agricultural research and development


African agricultural research institutes are in danger of missing the critical range of diverse perspectives necessary to develop appropriate technologies. The science, technology, and innovation capacity of Africa would be strengthened through greater participation of its women.

AWARD aims to significantly expand and strengthen the capacity of African women scientists, recognizing their vital contribution to science and research. Africa's green revolution will be accelerated if we stop the wastage of human talent and bring women's experiences to the field and the laboratories. Enabling African institutions to invest in their own scientists and students will amplify AWARD's impact and ensure long-term sustainability.

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Our Approach


AWARD Fellows benefit from a two-year career-development program focused on fostering mentoring partnerships. Each fellow is matched with a mentor; a respected male or female senior scientist in her area of expertise.


Fellows are offered a range of courses designed to improve their ability to share their knowledge, through science- and proposal-writing courses, and to improve their presentation skills.

Fellows Outreach

Each fellow also has the practical experience of hosting a role-modeling event to introduce other women - young students or colleagues - to the importance and rewards of careers in agriculture.

Our People

Our staff team is made up off passionate individuals who are very motivated in helping AWARD achieve its objectives and vision. We pride ourselves in creating an environment where creativity flows freely and hence synergy is easily achieved.

Meet the staff

Our steering committee members are the torch that guides AWARD in its quest to equip top African scientists with skills that will improve outcomes for Africa's smallholder farmers as well as strengthening the voice of the continent's women, on the farm, in the laboratories, in markets, and in policy forums.

Meet the steering committee

We have a pool of top-notch trainers from nine countries who deliver AWARD's courses on mentoring, science skills building, and leadership capacity development.

Meet our trainers

Our Logo

The inspiration for our logo comes from an African proverb.

The wisdom that "sticks in a bundle are stronger together" seems a perfect metaphor for AWARD. It is with the support of a passionate community of collaborators-fellows, mentors, trainers, staff, the Steering Committee, donors, partner institutions, and many other supporters-that each woman scientist can rise up to reach her full potential. The game-changing nature of our program is reflected in the vibrant color palette, imagery, and visual style that we’ve chosen to express our brand identity.