Position: AWARD Website Consultant

Terms of Reference (ToR) for AWARD Website Consultancy 

  1. Project Overview

African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) is working towards inclusive, agriculture-driven prosperity for the African continent by strengthening the production and dissemination of more gender responsive agricultural research and innovation.  We invest in African scientists, research institutions, and agribusinesses so that they can deliver agricultural innovations that better respond to the needs and priorities of a diversity of women and men across Africa’s agricultural value chains.

The AWARD website is the main platform through which it communicates with its audience. Currently, the website runs on the Cockpit Content Management System (CMS). AWARD seeks a web developer consultant who can lead the migration of AWARD’s website from Cockpit to another CMS like Joomla or WordPress, design the website to fit within AWARD’s vision, and ensure high levels of functionality that the AWARD staff can manage after the migration.

  1. Objectives of the assignment

AWARD is currently rolling out its Phase III strategy and the website is an important bridge that communicates our work and research to our target audience. In this regard, the website will need to be easy to navigate so as to efficiently connect our audience to our work.

In order for the website to serve its key purpose, it must:

  1. Set up an effective web presence by optimizing ‘a search’ to place AWARD on the first page of search results for relevant key words.
  2. Host information in various formats.
  3. Accommodate more photos, videos and infographics that tell the AWARD story using attractive visual graphics. Typographies and illustrations should be featured.
  4. Be user friendly, highlighting our strategy and incorporating more data. New pages will be created to cater to the different initiatives that constitute the AWARD program.
  5. Be web-responsive.
  6. Host online forums for our beneficiaries to access information not available to the public.
  1. Detailed Terms of Reference

The candidate should have:

  1. Adequate knowledge and at least five years of progressive experience with web design proven through portfolio of designed websites;
  2. A solid understanding of user experience, user-interface design principles, and conceptual design;
  3. Expert knowledge of HTML5, PHP, Java script and CSS;
  4. Excellent attention to detail;
  5. Experience with CMS – open‐source platforms such as Joomla or WordPress;
  6. Experience developing interactive websites that allow for user‐engagement;
  7. Excellent skills in graphic design (desirable)
  8. Excellent communication skills and capacity to be responsive to changing needs and requirements as communicated by the AWARD team.

The consultant will be required to:

  1. Perform a requirement analysis of AWARD’s current website that includes an assessment of its content and design structure, ease of navigation, ability to host content, user friendliness, ease of maintenance/updates, information retrieval, current SEO functionality, etc.
  2. Deliver a visually appealing website with the ability to have solid colors, accommodate different types of typographies, host well organized content and be easy to navigate the website.
  3. Develop the new website based on a Content Management System (preferably Joomla or WordPress) while retaining the look, feel, and key features from the current website. The CMS should be dynamic and allow information to be easily updated by administrative staff without specialized web development skills.
  4. Perform security checks and conduct usability tests for quality assurance.
  5. Perform browser testing for both PC and mobile devices. The website should be responsive.
  6. Meet frequently with the AWARD staff to showcase work progress based upon the agreed timelines.
  7. Integrate an effective search function.
  8. Integrate social media platforms, mail chimp etc. on the website
  9. Create an internal user portal that is only accessible via secure login with a user management system.
  10. Ensure that the average site load-time is reasonable.
  11. Deploy the website on AWARD’s hosting platform.
  12. Train relevant AWARD staff in charge of managing and updating the website.
  13. Develop a user-guide for the website and the CMS, complete with the most common troubleshooting guidelines.
  1. Proposal Structure

Proposals should be structured as follows and provide complete details as indicated: 

  1. An understanding of the assignment and scope of work;
  2. Proposed implementation methodology / approach;
  3. Proposed budget for the work;
  4. Proposed technologies  (with  justification) - preferably WordPress or Joomla CMS;
  5. Sample(s) of similar work-done (please list active web addresses);
  6. Company profile including Board of Directors and office location;
  7. A copy of a Certificate of Registration/Incorporation and
  8. Key staff to be involved in website, their roles and their relevant experience.

Interested consultants should submit a proposal electronically to; by July 31, 2017. 

Please note: AWARD is looking for registered companies/team of web developers, based in Nairobi, to carry out this work. Individuals are discouraged from applying.

Application Deadline: Monday, July 31, 2017