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Building Science Skills

One of the keys to improving livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa is to build and sustain a strong, effective talent pool in agricultural R&D. This requires building women’s science skills while strengthening R&D systems.

AWARD expands the fellows’ world of science, facilitating their access to the latest methodologies and technologies, while building their professional networks. In turn, it brings the groundbreaking work of African women in agricultural science to the national, regional, and global stages, where it is much needed.

AWARD offers a portfolio of tailored training courses and services:

  1. Professional association membership fees paid for two years.
  2. Support to attend a science conference.
  3. AWARD Science Skills Course (Note: Mentors may choose this or the AWARD Women’s Leadership and Management Course.)
  4. Competition for Advanced Science Training (post-master’s and post-doctoral fellows only)

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