• AWARD Website Consultant

    Terms of Reference (ToR) for AWARD Website Consultancy

    1. Project Overview

    African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) is working towards inclusive, agriculture-driven prosperity for the African continent by strengthening the production and dissemination of more gender responsive agricultural research and innovation.  We invest in African scientists, research institutions, and agribusinesses so that they can deliver agricultural innovations that better respond to the needs and priorities of a diversity of women and men across Africa’s agricultural value chains.

    The AWARD website is the main platform through which it communicates with its audience. Currently, the website runs on the Cockpit Content Management System (CMS). AWARD seeks a web developer consultant who can lead the migration of AWARD’s website from Cockpit to another CMS like Joomla or WordPress, design the website to fit within AWARD’s vision, and ensure high levels of functionality that the AWARD staff can manage after the migration.